VI.BE.MAC, the leading company in the industrial sewing machine area, was born in 1980 as a Singer support center but since the very beginning started to produce machines and accessories under its own brand.

Thanks to what at a first sight seemed a risky challenge, but later turned to be a winning choice, the company founder, Carlo Guerreschi, chose for his machines a certain part of the market, denim jeans market, sensing the potential of this sector that in the 70’s was under development and has boomed today: solid experience, almost for three decades, proves that his intuition was correct. 

The aim of VI.BE.MAC was and still is precisely this: to create individual pieces for satisfaction of textile producers’ needs, from the smallest to a bigger company. Today the aim has been achieved thanks to production of complex sewing machines based on the actual technological platforms: original, diverse and user-friendly. During these 30 years, even with the client needs changed, the company maintains its values: quality, know-how and fast and effective service.