Innovative Spreading and Cutting TECHNOLOGY:

Years of experience and the innovative thinking of the Company make possible a unique standard of rapid and competent customer support and perfect service throughout the world. An optimal product range for all cutting requirements from a single source.

Spreading Machines:


Working width: 1680 mm to 2580 mm
Spreading height: max. 200 mm
Cloth roll dia.: max. 400 mm / option: max. 600 mm
Cloth roll weight: max. 60 kg


Working width: 1680 mm, 1830 mm, 1980 mm, 2130 mm, 2280 mm
Spreading height: 150 mm (with cutting attachment)
Cloth roll dia.: max. 1000 mm / standard 400 mm
Cloth roll weight: max. 125 kg


Working width: 930 mm, 1080 mm, 1230 mm
Spreading height: 230 mm
Cloth roll dia.: 600 mm
Cloth roll weight: max. 80 kg